Lindsey Nguyen

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A grounding force and inspirational light, a teacher and healer, Lindsey’s love, passion, and true calling is undeniable and can be seen and felt through her work in helping and healing others.

Lindsey Nguyen has extensive knowledge in the Skincare industry with over 20+ years of professional experience as a Licensed Esthetician. Well versed in an array of healing modalities, her expertise in Health and Wellness ranges from a biological standpoint to energy therapy. She believes that true beauty comes from within and incorporates this in her practices as she helps others awaken or reawaken their inner light to achieve a greater overall sense of well-being. 

On December 8, 2018 Lindsey held the Grand Opening to Bare Beauty Spatique, Houston’s new boutique spa and an incredibly special place where world class technologies + effective skincare services meet positive vibes.

Bare Beauty Spatique offers solutions to make you whole again...

to recalibrate, rejuvenate, and celebrate YOU -

because loving yourself is where real results occur.

It’s the fine line, the denominator, and crucial factor - it’s the juice!

​Bare Beauty Spatique is a true example of pursuing dreams and fulfilling one’s purpose. But of course, not without first facing life trials and tribulations. “Experiences offer us an opportunity to learn, grow, heal, and love; A step closer to finding our true purpose”, says Lindsey, who is no stranger when it comes to overcoming and learning from experience. She has cultivated a deep understanding of life from her own personal story.​

Growing up in a small town, a yearning for more beyond the set limitations, sent Lindsey on a quest at a very young age. As Lindsey took the reins to navigate life, the straps would soon leave calloused impressions, marks and scars that now tells a story of her transformation. She made her way to Houston where she planted seeds, grew roots and blossomed.

She is a caring wife, loving mother, and now new business owner in Houston, TX.


“Finding balance with her life at home and tending to duties as a business owner” was the most challenging part of her journey but was KEY - along with trusting her instincts and continuing to believe in herself.  

“There is no identical place like Bare Beauty Spatique, so I had no template for reference.

It was like I was at the edge of a jungle with a machete and a dream”.

Seeking to find and heal rather than to patch and cover up, there is absolutely nothing superficial about Bare Beauty Spatique. Today’s leading-edge technologies powered by skillful techniques and passion means no cutting corners.


From the technical floor plan, quartz countertops, rose gold industrial chic accents, and every thoughtful detail in between, Bare Beauty Spatique was handcrafted from scratch as Lindsey articulated her vision into reality.

Bare Beauty Spatique offers a welcoming, judgement-free escape with effective solutions, real results, and an unforgettable experience!


Biography written by Amina Palivan for Lindsey Nguyen

Video produced by Cyndi Garcia and 713News for Lindsey Nguyen