Wake up Bare with flawless skin and makeup

Cosmetic makeup also known as semi-permanent makeup tattoo, is the perfect way to enhance your natural features (brows, eyeliner, lips). This service is semi-permanent which means that it will fade with time. This is perfect as make-up trends tend to change, but they will also stay long enough (2+ years) to not have to come for frequent touch-ups.  

Touch-ups are not included in all SMPU sessions.

Eyeliner                                                                        450

1st touchup after initial (4-6 weeks)                           75

Yearly touchup (previous client only)                        275


Lip                                                                                 625

1st touchup after initial (4-6 weeks)                         175

2nd touchup after initial                                             125

Additional touchup (3-6 months)                               225

Yearly touchup (previous client only)                        475